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Individual coaching

Next to group activities, I also offer the possibility for individual support, like a personal yoga or coach session. In all the individual sessions, the body and yoga play an important role. 

Personal Yin 

In a Personal Yin session we concentrate fully on you and your body. These sessions are very suitable for you if, for whatever reason, the barrier for group lessons Yin Yoga is too high for you or if the days or times of the planned group lessons do not fit in your calendar. Also, if you feel that you would like to take that one extra step to get further and if you would like to have all the attention for you and your body and emotions, these sessions could be a good solution. You and your question are always leading and all poses are tailor-made. In a Personal Yin session I will support you with Assisted Yin. 


But it might be the case that something else, or more, is needed to become or stay vital. In this case I also offer the possibility for Yogacoaching. Together we will look at your question and your needs. After an intake we will look what is needed and what suits you best. In Yogacoaching I gratefully use my broad knowledge and experience of NLP coaching, regular coaching techniques, creative/productive thinking, mindset coaching, nature and the Five Elements, Mind-Walk®, Shiatsu and more ... I combine Western techniques and Eastern philosophies. East and West that complete each other beautifully. Always looking at you, what is needed and what suits you. In balance. Fully tailormade.