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Event: Open your heart


Moving Karunesh meditation and gentle flow Hatha Yoga class.

Every year on June 21st, International Day of Yoga is celebrated. This year we also celebrate it at NiLU Studio!
Tanja and me would like to invite all of you to celebrate World Yoga Day with us on Friday 21st June from 6.30 – 8.30 pm.


6.30 – 7.20 pm:
Standing moving meditation guided by Ingrid
Ingrid will guide you through the Heart Chakra meditation of Karunesh, which is a proven exercise based on the Sufi tradition that dates back hundreds of years ago. It is an especially simple movement exercise, which can help relieve inner tension, allowing the energy of the heart to flow freely again. When the heart chakra is open, all energies can flow freely, without inner blockades.

7.20 pm – 8.20 pm:
After Ingrid's meditation, I will guide you through a gentle Hatha Flow Yoga class to further open the heart center and bring more joy into your being. The focus is on opening the rib cage, increasing the spine mobility, improving the breath capacity, and mentally moving you form the past to the present moment. Suitable to all levels.

We are closing the event together with a healthy snack and a cup of tea.

This event will be guided in English.

Exchange: CHF 20

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