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Vitality means 'lifeforce'

People that feel vital in their personal and professional life are feeling good and sure about themselves and are strong-willed people. They feel emotionally and mentally strong and work on a healthy body. They are self-confident and make the most out of the circumstances they face. They have enough energy and they know how to channel their energy, so that they feel fit in their body and mind. They do this by consciously and continuously finding their balance mentally emotionally and physically.  By connecting and aligning their head, heart and body

Giving the right attention to your vitality means that you take yourself and your health seriously. On all levels. And that you are prepared to invest in it. 

How vital do you feel?

Are you feeling as vital as you would like to? Or are you completely passed out in the evenings? Do you feel drained, tired and completely out of energy? Do you have sleeping problems, are you not in balance or feeling restless? Do you suffer from fear, anxiety, extreme anger or continuous sadness? Are you often overreacting or feeling continuously stressed? If you recognise yourself in one or more of these complaints and you would like change it, maybe I can support you. With a yoga class, Mind-Walk® training, workshop or coaching. In a group or individually. So that you can find your peace of mind and balance again. And feel more energetic, and good and sure about yourself again. To become a more vital and therefore more joyful and happier person. 

Also, if you do not recognise yourself in the above, but are interested in a holistic view on health and vitality, or if you are just looking to integrate more peace of mind and relaxation in your life, my services could be interesting to you. I invite you to join an informative event or workshop. Or register for classes or a training. In all my activities you will learn how to continuously be aware of your vitality and balance and how to keep your energy flowing. Which is important to prevent any possible problems at a later stage.

On our way to vital life and work. Full of energy. In balance.

If, after reading this website, you are interested in one of my group activities, or if you would like to receive more information about a personal approach, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am looking forward to meeting you.