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More than half of the body of a grown up consists of water. The whole network of connective tissue (fascia) that surrounds our organs, bones and muscles is water. As we become older we often feel more stiff (connective tissue). This is the result of physical processes we all have to deal with. Also, everything we experience in life is stored in our body (connective tissue). If we can or do not pay enough attention to this, for whatever reason, it could be that somewhere something gets 'stuck'. The energy in our body cannot flow anymore, we experience 'pain' or we simply do not 'feel well'. This is because of the connective tissue that gets stuck, which you could call 'frozen' water.  Most of the time these are processes that take place in our subconsciousness. To do something about it, it is important to first become aware of what it happening in our body and what message it is giving us. Also your patterns and beliefs are part of this. 95% of our behaviour is coming from our subconsciousness!  

I can support you to become aware of your body again. I can give you tools that will increase your awareness and that enable you to change. And to find your peace of mind and balance in daily life. 

With the different kinds of yoga that I offer you can make your body more flexible. The self healing ability of your body will be activated by unblocking the energetic pathways. Old cells and old information that is stuck in your body can be released. There will be more space in your body. Room for recovery and renewal. New cells will be produced and new information can be restored in your body. Blood and energy can flow again. You will also soon experience more space in your head. Following the philosophy that body and mind are one, also your thought and emotions will get more space and can be rebalanced. You will soon experience more flexibility. More awareness, More peace of mind. More balance. More vitality.