from my mind ...
For many years my head was leading in all the things I did. Learning, thinking, analysing, getting to the details and wanting to understand was the center of my life for a long time. All very useful in various positions in many companies. Small and big. In the Netherlands and outside of my home country. In corporate life and with the government. I enjoyed it for a long time and all this has brought me an awful lot. 


... through the body ...
When I got introduced to yoga in 2007, my body was getting more space. I loved the way I felt after my first yoga class! I wanted to know more about the connection of body and mind. A few times a week I followed my yoga classes in different styles of yoga. Soon after that I started with yoga teacher trainings for children and adults. I also did a Shiatsu massage course. Gradually I also started feeling everything I already knew and had learned. In my body during yoga, but also more often in daily life. And more trainings followed. Communication, personal development, hNLP, breathwork, coaching, innovative training skills and creative thinking followed after that. All of great value to me and the body and mind connection became bigger and bigger. But it appeared it was not complete yet. 


... to the heart
The moment I followed a Five Elements Vitality Coach and Lifestyle Advisor training more pieces started to fall into place. Everything I had learned, done, experienced and had felt came together. From my head, through my body I arrived in my heart. The Five Elements Philosophy has given me so much more information about myself - including my weaknesses, strengths and talents - and a deeper understanding about various things that happend in my life. 


... feeding my soul

My soul searching journey brought me to the moment to share myself and all of my knowledge and talents with the world. I am here to inspire and help you to find balance on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. To guide you in finding your own and unique way to a relaxed, balanced and vital life. To help you to tap into your inner wisdom, own power and self-healing capacity of your body, mind, heart & soul. It’s all within us and it's all about balance! I am here to show you how to tap into yourself, on all levels. And doing this feeds my soul. This is what I am here for. 



This is who I am and what I do.

Using my experience and knowledge, practicing my skills.

With a lot of joy and enthusiasm.

Feeling vital in my life and work.

In balance. Full of energy.