Over the last few years I have become more aware that everything that we put on our body follows exactly the same way as the food that we put in our mouth. Through our skin it all arrives very quickly in our blood stream. And through that also in our organs. So also for bodycare we can apply the same as for food: natural, not processed, biological and preferably as fresh as possible. That way the body does not have to work overtime in breaking down and letting go of the unhealthy ingredients. You can not only feel it, but also see it! Healthy bodycare is also contributing to your vitality

That is why I am so enthusiastic about the skincare and food supplements of Ringana. An Austrian company that produces and sells high-end quality products. Products that are not only natural, vegan and biological, but also 100% FRESH. Unique in Europe. All ingredients in all their products do something for your body. No conservatives or additives. Only100% working ingredients for your body. 

Ringana stands for a beautiful combination of Eastern knowledge and Western high-tech techniques. Not only the products, but also the packaging is natural, plastic free and does not harm nature or the environment. A company that has integrated sustainability in the whole company and their supply chain. A sustainable vision and mission that I am very attracted to. And I just love the products. 

Would you like to find out more about the company or the products? I would love to tell you more about it. 

You can also order the products directly in the Ringana webshop.