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Connect with the Wood Element (Quatrim Norte, East Algarve, Portugal)


The Five Elements☯️🌊🌳🔥🌍🌬

Everything that exists can be related to the Five Elements. Like the seasons, parts of the day, phases, taste, food, colours, directions and also our organs, parts of the body, senses, emotions, …

For instance the wood element is related to growth & expansion and to Spring. In our body it is related to our liver & gallbladder, our tendons, the eyes, the neck & shoulders. Any problems, tension, tightness or pain you might experience in these areas could be a sign that the wood element is out of balance. The wood element is also related to the blood & energy flow in our bodies. Like undefined or continuing feelings of anger or frustration could also be related to a disbalance in the wood element. Also not being assertive, not expressing yourself, lack of focus and difficulty with planning could be a sign that the wood element needs attention.How interesting, but how do you do it?

Come and join me on May 12 @belavistaretreat. I will guide you through exercises to (re)balance various aspects related to the wood element.

Connect with yourself with flow exercises, yin yoga, yoga nidra & more and connect with others during lunch.

You will release & relax and feel revitalised on different levels.

Very much looking forward seeing you then and there!
Contact me for more information & registration.

Practical information:
Wednesday May 12
10.30 am – 13.15 pm (including light vegetarian lunch)
@belavistaretreat Quatrim Norte, Moncarapacho (just off the N125)
Early bird price €27 (book before April 30) – after that €35
Guided in English. Max 8 people.

Welcome to join me!

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